​Has been a key partner to public, national and academic libraries for over 30 years and we are committed to the long-term needs of librarians. 3M has an excellent history of innovation and this has been achieved in partnership with our customers. You will be aware that we were the inventors of both library book security and secure self-service (SelfCheck™). To date over 5 billion books are protected against theft by 3M™’s products and nearly 5000 libraries use 3M™ SelfCheck™ to reduce queues and extend opening hours. Library Systems from 3M is all about enabling your customers to learn, explore, discover and grow. Our productivity, security and information management solutions provide all innovative and effective tools to ensure that library personnel spend less time on routine tasks and more time with customers. Library Systems from 3M – creating libraries enriched with human interaction. Leadership in Library Systems, exemplified by a fine blend of RFID, security and information management solutions from 3M promotes efficiency, boosts productivity and ensures customer delight. We began development of our RFID products in 1994. This was done in consultation with library customers from around the world. We launched our first products in 2000 and have added new products every year since then. Initially, we offered an RFID tag for item identification that complemented electromagnetic security. This was very successful in public libraries in the USA but was not as well received in Europe. In 2003, we started to develop a combined security and identification RFID product and this was launched in 2004.