Beirut Arab University Selects Naseej to Implement Banner Student Information System

Beirut, Lebanon, December, 2017
Beirut Arab University Selects Naseej to Implement Banner Student Information System

Beirut Arab University (BAU) has signed a cooperation agreement with Naseej, the Arab world’s leading provider of knowledge management solutions, to provide support and maintenance services to its Banner Student Information System (SIS). Developed by Ellucian, SIS is the world leader in student information management and campus operations, and is in operation in more than 2,400 institutions worldwide.

Under the agreement, the Naseej team will develop services that meet data accountability standards for students, streamline administrative processes, and create a self-service environment that enhances interaction between all the parties concerned and meets their needs efficiently and effectively.

“We are proud of this step taken by Beirut Arab University,” said Engineer Abduljabbar Al-Abduljabbar, CEO of Naseej. “The University is recognized for its rapid development, and this is obvious in its comprehensive efforts to provide students with resources that will enable them to succeed in their studies. We are confident that Beirut Arab University’s efforts to maintain the efficiency of its student information system and to provide the most advanced technical services will serve and support its students. We are delighted to partner with Beirut Arab University in this endeavor to ensure that their students have an excellent educational experience.”  

Hisham Darwish, Naseej Regional Manager in Lebanon, Jordan and North Africa, said: “We are delighted that Naseej is part of this important initiative taken by Beirut Arab University, which reflects Naseej’s commitment and contribution to the development of higher education in the Arab region. Through such partnerships, Naseej aims to enhance the efficiency of the core processes of the higher education sector, and to streamline administrative procedures such as registration, application, curriculum management, evaluation and consultation. In addition, SIS’s high-level interactive features, which are designed specifically to improve students’ results and chances for success, are among the world’s most intelligent and sophisticated educational technologies.”

This agreement will enable BAU to reduce its maintenance costs, upgrade its operations, and improve its performance to ensure greater operational continuity and efficiency.

Naseej will also provide local support services to maximize the system’s performance and ensure that its programs and solutions meet users’ requirements.

Naseej has implemented SIS projects in a number of prestigious universities and institutes in the Arab region, including the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation whose Banner 9 initiative is one of the world’s largest transformation projects.​