Artificial Intelligence and Libraries: Choosing the Best Strategy for Your Library

This interactive workshop will give you the knowledge and insights to approach using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a manner suitable for your library context.

The workshop consists of four main sections.

  • The first section seeks to demystify AI and to define how it can be used in library contexts.
  • The second section offers a model for selecting among the various approaches and strategies for using AI, including a SWOT analysis.
  • In the third section, participants will have an opportunity to present their own ideas and experiences.
  • The fourth section dives more deeply into specific relevant uses of AI, including:
    • managing collections
    • promoting AI literacy
    • carrying out everyday library work
    • promoting data governance and stewardship.

 Attendees will have opportunities to discuss how AI is relevant to their own work and to share their experience

Workshop Overview

  • What is AI, and why is it controversial?
  • What are the main uses of AI relevant to libraries?
  • What strategic approaches to AI are available for libraries?
  • How can we use AI in our library?
    • AI and the library collection
    • AI literacy
    • using AI in everyday library work
    • data governance and stewardship.


Workshop Objectives

Learning outcomes of this interactive workshop will include:

  • Sound understanding of AI and its relevance to libraries
  • Ability to evaluate different strategic approaches to AI for libraries
  • In-depth understanding of some AI applications in the library context.


For preparatory reading, participants are directed to the IFLA Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group webpage:

 Workshop Moderator

Dr.  Andrew Martin Cox

   Senior Lecturer at the Information School, University of Sheffield.

   Director of Research, University of Sheffield, 2019–21.

   Head of the Digital Societies Research Group, University of Sheffield, 2014–21.

   Director of Postgraduate Research, University of Sheffield, 2017–19.

   Convenor of the IFLA Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence




Date & Time

March 4, 2024
9:00 am-1:00 pm (4 hrs. including a cafe break)


 Mondrian Doha hotel, Qatar

Target Audience

This workshop will be most useful for:

  • library staff interested in AI as an exciting new development for the profession
  • library staff in management positions
  • Researchers and Specialists in Library and Information Field.

Registration Notes

  • Limited seats available, priority for early registrants who have paid the conference, or workshop fees.
  •  Registration closes upon reaching full capacity.
  • Registration is limited to one workshop only, as both workshops are held simultaneously.


Registration Fees

  • Free for those who have paid the full conference fees.
  • QAR 350 for non-registered participants.


Payment method for non-conference registrants

By bank transfer to the following account:

  • Resources for Conferences
  • Account No: 0304056692570016
  • Bank Muscat 
  • Branch: SQU
  • Swift Code: BMUSOMRXXXX


For more information

• Email: [email protected]

• Or contact the Programs Coordinator for Naseej Academy, Mr. Said Ali, at the following number: (+966) 114770477 ext. 2145


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