Credo Reference is a discoverable and compelling online reference service that learners and researchers of all types cannot do without. Credo Topic Pages are a breakthrough approach to presenting and organizing information resources. Designed as an all-in-one starting point for students to begin their research process, Credo Topic Pages combine quality research, images, and links to valuable library resources to promote information literacy and research efficiency. The Concept Map is a visual map that displays how search terms and topics in Credo Reference are interconnected. And the Concept Map displays the connections between search results in a visual, interactive and easy-to-use format The Concept Map enables users to quickly find information when they don’t know what to look for, when they need topic ideas for papers or research projects, or want to expand their knowledge of a given area Authoritative content Credo General Reference is a completely customizable online reference solution for learners and librarians. Offering 1200 highly-regarded titles from over 70 publishers and its available in different models: Credo General Reference Premium: Includes all the titles in our General Reference collection. Subscriptions will be automatically updated when we add new titles to the service or update existing titles, at no additional charge.

Credo Reference