About the Grant:

Naseej Academy Grant to Attend the Mortenson Center Associates Program was developed to support the region’s knowledge community by sponsoring a professional working in the field of libraries, information centers and archival institutions in the Arab World, to attend the Mortenson Center Associates Program.

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About the Mortenson Center Associates Program:

“Transforming Libraries: New Roles and Impact: A Professional Development and Leadership Program for Library and Information Science (LIS) Professionals”
June 3-26, 2024, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The 2024 Mortenson Center Associates Program will offer individuals working in a library and/or information services setting outside the United States an opportunity to explore critical issues and trends in the library field and engage with librarians implementing cutting-edge programs and services.

Program participants will learn about novel and inventive practices and services in areas such as:

  • User-centered Services.
  • Sustainable Development.
  • Emerging Trends and Technologies.
  • Leadership, Communication and Managing Change.
  • Library Assessment and Impact.
  • Digital and Print Collections and Repositories.
  • Multiple literacies.
  • International Professional Networking.


The Grant Processes:

Because the grant is designated for one individual out of many applicants, Naseej Academy and the Mortenson Center have developed a thorough process for reviewing and considering all applications and making a final selection:

  1.  The applicant completes the grant registration form on this page and provides the necessary documents before the application deadline of November 30, 2023.
  2. Each application will be reviewed by a committee. Applications that meet the criteria for the program will be sent to the Mortenson Center for final review and selection.
  3. The Mortenson Center will shortlist the applicants and conduct an interview with each shortlisted candidate.
  4. The Mortenson Center will contact the nominee for the grant, and Naseej Academy will announce the winner within three weeks of being informed of the successful applicant by the Mortenson Center.
  5. Naseej Academy will contact the winner to arrange for their attendance at the program.


Important details:

The grant provided by Naseej Academy is designated for one winner only. It covers the following:

  • Program fees
  • Airfare (round trip, up to USD 1,500)
  • Personal expenses of USD 1,000.
  • If the grant recipient is unable to attend the program, he/she will forfeit the grant, and a second winner will be nominated by the Mortenson Center.
    2024 Program Highlights
2024 Program Highlights
  • Seminars and Workshops which provide an overview of current trends in the field. Library experts will be invited to share their perspectives, offer expertise, and foster conversations on the themes of communication and leadership. in order to transform libraries, which are evidence-based, sustainable and user-centered
  • Tours of a variety of libraries, including academic, public, and school libraries. We may also visit the American Library Association headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and other sites of interest.
  • Networking with dynamic group of international colleagues during and post-program.
  • Participants will develop individual action plans, appropriate to their professional and institutional needs, and will receive post-program implementation review.
  • Each participant will receive a Certificate of Program Participation upon completion.
  • Scheduling allows participants to attend thethe Annual Meeting of the American Library Association (ALA) if they wish.
  • The 2024 ALA Annual Conference will be in San Diego, June 27-July 2, 2024. Arrangements and registration for the conference must be made separately and are not included in program costs.
Selection Criteria
  • Currently employed in a library, information center, or archive, with minimum three years’ experience.
  • Commitment to furthering the Mortenson Center’s mission within the participant’s own country.
  • Willingness and ability to share what is learned while at the Mortenson Center with others in the participant’s home country.
  • Participants should be fluent in conversational English and possess a reading knowledge of English. This program is delivered in English only.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Demonstrated commitment of the participant’s home institution to supporting sharing activity (training seminars, workshops, etc.).
Dates and Deadlines
  • The final deadline for application submissions is November 30, 2023.
  • The grant winners will be announced by March 2024.
  • Program activities will begin on June 3, 2024. The last day of program activities will be June 26, 2024.
Application Instruction
  • Scans and electronic documents sent by online application are preferred.
  • Applications must be complete, received within stated deadline, and include all required attachments.
  • Applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.
  • The Mortenson Center reserves the right to verify all information given in the application.
  • Application must be submitted in English along with supporting documentation in order to be considered.
  • Participants must be prepared to work as team members with other Mortenson Center program participants and to participate as required by the program.
  • Associates will not be permitted to join the program late or depart early.
Supplemental Materials

Kindly attach the supplemental materials listed below in order to apply for the 2024 Associates Program:

1- Curriculum Vitae
Please provide a current Curriculum Vitae in English which details your professional activities (i.e., education, professional and work experience, professional participation (affiliations, memberships, conference presentations), awards, honors, and publications).

2- Letter of Recommendation
The Letter of Support must be submitted in English. The Letter of Support should be written by a supervisor who is familiar with you, and your work and can evaluate your ability to participate in the Mortenson Center Associates Program. Family members are not eligible to write a Letter of Support. The Letter of Support must have an original signature.

3- Copy of Passport Identification Pages with a clear personal photo
The application will not be complete without a copy or electronic scan of your passport.

4- English Language Proficiency Supporting Documentation
If English is not among the official languages of your country, you must send proof of your English language proficiency, and there will be an online interview with Mortenson Center staff.

The following documents will be required from the finalists

5- A pledge to submit a professional report on the program
Successful candidates will be required to make a commitment in writing, endorsed by the institution they represent, to submit a professional report on the program within one month of completing it.

6- A pledge to complete the entire program
The applicant undertakes to bear the financial cost of the granted scholarship in the event of non-completion of the entire course due to either unexpected circumstances or negligence on their part. The grant committee will estimate the value based on the justifications provided for the failure to complete.