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Riyadh, Naseej has provided King Khalid specialized Hospital library with Symphony system which is regarded as one of the latest technologies in libraries management. This new system will help the hospital library employees to manage its information. It will support them in implementing cataloguing works and building data warehouses for about 5000 content materials including books, CDs and video films, in addition to installing an electronic search front page and a server to contain data and information.

Mr. Zain El – Abdeen Said, Hospital library manager confirmed that this new technology will help cataloguing employees and library keepers to execute their tasks, as the system is the latest in library specialized technologies and works through the highest standards all over the world.

He pointed out that integration was made between the new system related to library and the old one related to Human resources department ensuring no duplication of data entry for both systems especially the information of employees. This ensures submitting necessary information about books and materials borrowed by employees to take proper actions in case of employee‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎s clearance when leaving job.

It is worth mentioning that an electronic security gate is to be installed within this project, where the hospital library contains 5000 items including books, CDs and video films, from which all the hospital physicians and employees can benefit as it is the largest specialized library in the region

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