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MAKKAH, KSA, December 12, 2012, Umm Al Qura University and Naseej are hosting a one day seminar entitled “The Contribution of E-Learning in Learners Success”. The seminar discusses important themes concerning e-learning and its role in the success of learners, as one of the most important performance indicators for higher education and E-learning techniques applied in universities to ensure the success of students amid virtual educational environment.
Professor John O’Brien, president of North Hennepin Community College, will be the keynote speaker of the event.  Professor O’Brien is one of the most prominent speakers in the higher education sector and is characterized by his dynamic brainstorming style and his ability to interact positively with his audience. He also participated in many conferences and seminars as a keynote speaker on E-learning and Student Success across the United States.
O’Brien will highlight the expected opportunities that will be enabled by new technologies and their contribution in the performance of the academic institution and its ability to reach the greatest beneficiaries in the community.
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