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Medina, 15 May 2024

King Abdulaziz Complex for Endowment Libraries has announced the launch of a project aimed at preserving the priceless manuscripts and rare books that are fundamental to Islamic cultural heritage. Atad Technologies, which partners with Naseej, has been selected to collaborate with King Abdulaziz Complex for Endowment Libraries on this initiative. The project aims to utilize the latest sterilization and treatment technologies, ensuring the collections’ preservation in adherence to the highest international standards while making them accessible to all.

Nestled in the heart of Medina, King Abdulaziz Complex for Endowment Libraries stands as a beacon of cultural heritage, dedicated to preserving invaluable manuscripts and rare books in Saudi Arabia. These collections hold significant importance in preserving the rich Islamic history and have garnered great attention from the Kingdom of Saudi. The complex is home to esteemed libraries such as Aref Hikmat Library, Al Albani Library, Al Mahmoudia Library, and Rabat Othman bin Affan Library. This project marks a significant step in the ongoing efforts to protect and conserve the priceless Islamic legacy.

The project will incorporate modern techniques for the preservation of the collections, utilizing the EXPM Anoxia Chamber 6 Light, which is designed to tackle challenges arising from open storage conditions, increased humidity, and intense lighting. These factors contribute to creating a conducive environment for the reproduction of insects and pests that directly impact the health of preserved objects and may even pose health risks when transmitted to humans.

The Anoxia disinfestation process, utilizing low-oxygen atmosphere for sterilization, offers an ecological and user-friendly method. Inert nitrogen gas is employed to eliminate insects through asphyxia and dehydration, without any adverse effects on the treated objects or the health of the operators. The equipment has been designed for continuous and systematic treatment of books and archived documents, allowing precise control over the atmospheric conditions inside the chamber for optimal low-oxygen sterilization. Safety and efficiency are further enhanced through automated operation and control mechanisms.

Following the Anoxia treatment, the objects will be free from active pests, ensuring long-term insect-free preservation and prolonging their lifespan for future generations to explore and appreciate.

Through this project, King Abdulaziz Complex for Endowment Libraries opens a new chapter in its mission to preserve Islamic heritage. It reflects the complex’s commitment to adopting the latest technologies and methods in heritage preservation and maintenance, while promoting continuous innovation and development to ensure the perpetuation of cultural heritage integral to the identity of the Kingdom of Saudi.

In this regard, Othman Al-Abdulkarim, CEO of Naseej, stated, “At Naseej, we firmly believe in the power of technology to protect and preserve our cultural heritage. This project represents a remarkable opportunity for us to engage in a vital mission to preserve our precious treasures and rich history for future generations. We do not merely offer equipment and products; with every technology we provide, we deliver a historical message. Our collaboration with Atad Technologies and King Abdulaziz Complex demonstrates our deep commitment to both the past and the future.”

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