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Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – May 2024

Naseej’s Role in Transforming Digital Education

Naseej for Technology, a leader in innovative technology solutions for the education sector, has been selected by the National eLearning Center – NELC – to provide consulting services aimed at analyzing and developing the short university programs’ platform. This strategic partnership marks a significant step towards NELC’s commitment to enhancing the quality and accessibility of online education and is set to provide state-of-the-art learning experiences for learners nationwide.

This project is crucial for making education more accessible, inclusive, and effective. It supports lifelong learning, economic growth, and the integration of advanced technologies in education, ultimately contributing to the improvement of individuals and society.

Empowering Education with Advanced eLearning Solutions

The project will leverage Naseej’s extensive experience in education technology and digital transformation to create a state-of-the-art platform that meets the evolving needs of learners and educational institutions. Naseej’s role in this project will encompass a wide range of consultancy services, ensuring the platform is designed precisely and efficiently to deliver an exceptional learning experience, aiming to enhance the platform’s operational efficiency and effectiveness by conducting thorough analysis and providing data-driven insights.

Key Solutions Provided by Naseej:

  1. Comprehensive Business Structure Analysis: Naseej will conduct an in-depth study to develop a robust business structure for the short university programs platform. This analysis will form the foundation for a sustainable and effective online learning environment that aligns with NELC’s strategic objectives.
  • Advanced Business Requirements Analysis: By providing advanced consultancy services, Naseej will meticulously analyze the project’s business requirements. This detailed analysis will ensure that all platform aspects are tailored to meet the specific needs of learners, educators, and administrators.
  • Solution Design and Prototyping: Naseej will study, design, and build the platform’s prototype and final models. This process will include creating immersive simulations, interactive elements, and user-friendly interfaces that enhance learner engagement and comprehension.

A Vision for the Future of Education

Naseej will play a pivotal role in the development and enhancement of the short university programs platform providing comprehensive consulting services to thoroughly analyze and develop the project’s business structure, ensuring it aligns with modern educational demands and technological advancements and that all organizational and operational aspects are optimized for success.

“We are thrilled to partner with the National eLearning Center on this transformative project,” said Eng: Othman Al-Abdulkarim, the Executive President of Naseej. “Our goal is to develop a platform that not only meets the highest standards of online education but also fosters a culture of continuous learning and innovation. By leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we aim to support NELC’s mission to enhance trust and access to quality online learning in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, we will focus on designing innovative solutions that enhance user experience, ultimately creating a robust, scalable, and future-proof eLearning platform”.

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About the National eLearning Center

The National eLearning Center (NeLC) is an independent organization established by the esteemed Council of Ministers’ Decision No. 35 in 1439 AH. The center aims to build trust in eLearning by providing a reliable digital educational environment that ensures lifelong learning opportunities for everyone. NeLC strives to lead sustainable innovation in eLearning to ensure these educational methods are accessible and keep pace with global advancements. The center focuses on building a collaborative and flexible educational system that quickly responds to changing needs. NeLC’s vision is to become a global center of excellence in digital education, working to accelerate, coordinate, and organize the development of this system.

The core values of NeLC are reliable education, a cooperative ecosystem, and adaptable capabilities. Its primary objectives include ensuring access to lifelong learning experiences tailored to individual needs, leading integration within the educational system, guaranteeing the quality of digital education and recognition of certifications, enhancing international and interdisciplinary cooperation, accelerating the adoption of digital education, ensuring the high skill and competence of digital education providers, and speeding up the development and adoption of emerging technologies while leading evidence-based research and innovation.

About Naseej for Technology

Naseej for technology is a leading company in the field of information technology and digital solutions, empowering institutions to achieve their strategic goals, enhance innovation, and increase productivity in the digital era. Naseej provides comprehensive solutions and services that enable its partners to manage, share, and leverage knowledge using the latest IT solutions to achieve their business objectives. Our vision at Naseej has always been to harness digital transformation in learning and knowledge management to create a rich experience for beneficiaries and reduce the burden on institutions, allowing them to focus more on achieving their strategic goals.

This vision is embodied in our various solutions and services, specifically designed to meet the needs of institutions and individuals in an effective and innovative manner. Naseej’s commitment to developing the knowledge community in the region is evident through its non-profit initiative, the Naseej Academy, which nurtures and develops future knowledge leaders.

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