The General Authority for Statistics Enriches its Web Portal with New & Dynamic Content

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, November, 2017
As part of its efforts to provide comprehensive, reliable, up-to-date statistics and value-added services to its clients both inside and outside the Kingdom, Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Statistics (“the General Authority”) is developing and enriching the content on its internet portal to enhance its role in providing statistical information and vital indicators about the Kingdom. The General Authority’s aim is to be a major reference for, and reliable source of, Saudi statistical information.
To achieve this goal, the General Authority has enlisted Naseej, the Arab world’s leading Knowledge Management Solutions provider, to develop digital content for its portal – an area in which Naseej has long experience.
The project will be implemented in two phases. 
During the first phase, Naseej will redesign and restructure the General Authority’s portal, using the Drupal content management system to address any software problems. This highly flexible and secure system is fast becoming an industry favorite for managing portals’ digital content, and for developing and adding the modern applications expected by today’s users of the internet. Naseej will also develop high-quality interactive content for the portal.
In the second phase of the project, Naseej will manage the General Authority’s online presence in both Arabic and English, market the Authority on various social networks, and work with it to provide statistical content targeted at different user segments.
Engineer Abduljabbar Al-Abduljabbar, CEO of Naseej, underlined the importance of using effective content management techniques as follows: “The best sites today rely on flexible content management systems and allow changes to the website without needing to amend a single line of code. Naseej has enhanced its portal development services by adding Drupal’s open source content management systems, which enable its customers to reach their target audiences efficiently and effectively.”
Engineer Abdullah Al Turaifi,, Executive Vice President of Naseej, said: “The Drupal system’s high standards enhance a portal’s appearance while enabling user sharing and interaction. Unlike other systems, Drupal doesn’t set limits on where ideas can go. You can do whatever you want, easily and simply. It is a powerful and coherent system, and is updated continuously.”