There are plenty of tools out there that can gather and store data, but they don’t do much good when the data you need lives in multiple locations, departmental silos, and disparate systems across your organization.
Rather than hunting and gathering for information with tools that don’t talk well (or at all) to each other, wouldn’t you rather have one comprehensive solution that gives you a complete view of all your data?
Unlike other systems, our solutions are configured to fit seamlessly into the institution’s existing infrastructure. That means we play well with others, so you don’t have to.
From any source, our solution captures the information you need and centralizes it in a user-friendly system that lets you manage it all in one place.
With an integrated suite of industry-leading tools and deep reporting capabilities limited only by your imagination, we provide a comprehensive solution for pain-free assessment and accreditation.
Core Functionalities
  • ​Assessment Planning
  • Course-Based Assessment
  • Field Experience Management
  • Electronic Portfolios
  • On-Demand Reporting
  • LMS Integration
  • SIS Integration

  • ​Accreditation Management
  • Faculty Qualifications
  • Course Evaluations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Document Rooms
  • Transition Point Management

Accreditation & Quality management

Solution Features and Benefits


Taskstream-Tk20 integrates powerful data collection, assessment, and reporting tools so you can manage all of your data in one place—including everything from surveys, assessment plans, strategic plans and budgets, to student information, candidate applications, field experience placements, clinical practice assessments, and course evaluations.


Not only can your Taskstream-Tk20 system be customized to align your assessment plans with the terminology and practices at your school, but you can also link your tailored assessment plans to your institution’s strategic plan and campus-wide budgetary considerations.


Taskstream-Tk20 offers robust reporting capabilities for SIS data, surveys, assessment plans, budgets, and more. You can create and manage accreditation reports from start to finish, assign dates and responsibilities, upload evidence, and share final reports with others. Because all of your data is centralized, analyzing it to show continuous improvement has never been easier.


Taskstream-Tk20 consolidates everything you need to do your job in one location for easy, quick access to assignments and coursework files, templates and forms, assessment data, and much more. Because your data is housed and organized in one spot, you’ll be able to spend less time hunting and gathering, and more time on what matters.