A campus portal tied to your institutional data is a powerful investment. It can improve communication and collaboration, help you deliver the services your constituents are asking for, and enhance your brand by creating a seamless experience for everyone connected to your institution.

The campus portal, based on Microsoft SharePoint technologies, provides constituents across your campus with personalized, role-based, single sign-on access to campus information and services. The easy to use tools allow your functional staff to create sites, manage documents, and produce announcements, all without putting a burden on your IT organization. By drawing on data housed in a common database, the Campus Portal can deliver orientated information and services to students, faculty, parents, staff, and other stakeholders. Functionality tailored for higher education means you can deliver better service faster, without expending resources on custom design and development.


How it works

  • A supportive community

    Leverage the contributions of the development community and Ellucian’s experience

  • A familiar platform integrated with your core system

    Eliminate new spending on infrastructure through use of existing application servers, databases, and operating systems

  • Targeted content

    Set up rules to present the right message to visitors based on their social profile, region, and browsing history

  • A platform, not just a portal

    Build both public websites and customer portals for a seamless experience

  • Based on Microsoft SharePoint

Integrates intranet, content management, and document management functionality

Campus Portal

Solution Features and Benefits

Build communities

Encourage communication between groups with a centralized gateway to campus networks.

Access resources

Eliminate the headache of multiple logins with personalized, role-based, single sign-on access.

Compile information

Provide real-time access to critical information by integrating solutions and data.

Enhance experience

Design dashboards to analyze usage, view key indicators, and create a consistent user experience.