Producing an accurate and high quality catalogs are essential components of a modern library’s operations. Naseej provides a comprehensive package of shelf-Ready Services, in accordance with the latest international standards for cataloging and technical processing. Our fulltime, highly skilled librarians process spine labels, security & RIFD tags and update item records in the automated library system.

With more than 25 years of experience in library automation including, cataloging and classification services in all types of libraries throughout the Arab World, Naseej is the most reliable partner for all your technical processing needs for your entire  collections including:

  • Cataloging during Acquisition:

    Naseej provides cataloging services in the form of MARC records for your purchased collection and in coordination with your book acquisition supplier.

  • Shelve Ready Services:

    In addition to providing MARC records for your newly acquired collection, Naseej can also shelve-ready these collections with security tag insertion, spin labeling, library stamp, book cover jack, item creation, and much more.

  • Retrospective Cataloging:

    Whether your collection is cataloged on a card catalog or on software or even if not cataloged at all, Naseej will convert your collection into a standard-based catalog compliant with MARC and other international standards.

  • Quality control:

    Whether Naseej provides quality control services for your library catalog. Naseej cataloging experts will review your database and suggest as well as implement changes that bring internationally recognized practices to your catalogue.  Naseej can also help your library convert from one classification schema to another (for example: from Dewey to LC).

Naseej strictly follows international standards in its technical processing services with localization services adopted by major libraries in the region. This includes:

• AACR Anglo American Cataloging Rules;

• ISBD International Standards of Book Description;

• MARC21 and UniMARC;

• Library of Congress subject heading and other Arabic subject headings lists;

• Library of Congress Classification schema as well as Dewey classification versions.

Naseej also provides subscriptions to online cataloguing services such as:

• The Arabic Union Catalog

•  WorldCat from OCLC

Cataloging & Shelf Ready Services