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 Talent Management System

Online testing and assessment

Saba was born from learning, built on collaboration, and designed to be simple. With collaboration built-in Saba Learning delivers a constant connection your employees need to develop, align, coach, and engage with each other to help create a continuous learning and development culture.

Saba’s feature-rich platform, long the gold standard in Talent Management, will support your current and future learning initiatives, helping you make learning accessible and meaningful, reducing cost of delivery, and providing you with all the tools you need to manage your training programs successfully.

Performance Management

  • Drive Team Performance: Empower managers with team management tools to track progress on goals, motivate with social rewards, and provide ongoing coaching and development.
  • Accelerate Achievement: Saba’s innovative social and collaboration tools enhance teamwork and make intelligent recommendations about content, ideas, and people that boost productivity.
  • Identify, Retain and Reward Top Performers: Accurate and compliant performance reviews combined with our calibration tools help you measure each employee’s contribution
  • Automate Performance Processes: Our flexible performance and goal solutions are designed to match and automate your processes, saving you time and money.

Solution Features and Benefits


Train your new members effectively. Saba’s automated prescription tools can define what training should be assigned to which users as soon as their profile is created.


Saba Learning’s certifications feature is designed to address compliance-related training needs for organizations of all types and sizes.


Assign skills to your courses so that training can grant those skills to successful students!

Content Creation

Create and import videos to create modernble learning offerings. Record live meetings or virtual classroom to reuse in self-paced, online classes later.

Developing Leaders at all Levels

Saba’s Succession@Work enables organizations to manage succession, mobility, and career development.

Intelligent Career Planning

Formal and informal development tools like certifications, virtual coaching, and mentoring.