AcKnowledge is a true reflection of Naseej’s commitment to constantly improve the efficiency and utilization of electronic resources at the institutions it works with.

AcKnowledge® empowers your library with a Search and Discovery gateway which is;

More efficient – by offering different search entries to the same resource; More personalized – by offering what a patron needs and chooses to have; More comprehensive – by offering access to all types of resources; and More enriched – by offering a huge collection of open access to peer    reviewed resources, beside the licensed ones.

In addition, AcKnowledge® providers advanced ERM capabilities that includes: improved resources comparison tool;  Controlled allocation of resources among different users categories; and  Optimized management of authorization and authentication tool.

AcKnowledge® also provides libraries with a host of other features including:

Detailed usage statistics, Management of trials and subscriptions, Cost analysis and evaluation.

library Search & Discovery Solutions

Solution Features and Benefits

Fully Customizable

Interface with Library Logo and Colors: Based on a full understanding of the information needs of patrons such as academics, researchers and libraries.

A-to-Z List

Ac-Knowledge offers an A-to-Z List covering all databases, e-journals and e-books subscribed to by a university.