SIERRA provides a powerful, modern foundation on which to build the future of Academic and Research Library services. Combining complete functionality with the power and scale of an open services platform, Sierra frees librarians to create the kind of patron experience and management solution they’ve always wanted. Sierra offers trusted business logic and flexible workflow support, including circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, patron management, serials handling, and accounting management, in a unified staff application.

Two key elements contribute to Sierra’s ongoing success:

  • SIERRA created the robust functionality academic and research librarians demand of a library services platform.
  • SIERRA developed a level of integration with other Innovative and third-party products that is truly seamless and unmatched anywhere in the library technology world. And Sierra efficiently extends this integration to other campus systems such as student information systems and campus portals.

Key Features:

  • Proven print and electronic resource management with fulfillment functionality
  • Integrated digital asset management capabilities
  • SQL-based database with Sierra DNA Documentation
  • APIs for integration with other applications
  • Rich staff user experience including facets, Web-style browsing and more
  • Mobile work-lists optimized for tablets
  • Management dashboard with complete picture of library operations
  • Staff-friendly, powerful management and reporting
  • Cloud-ready architecture and hosting options

Sierra library management system

Solution Features and Benefits


Standardized SQL access and business logic APIs offer extensibility at all levels by local development and interoperability with external systems.

Streamlined Workflows

Sierra modernizes traditional library workflows in a unified staff application with a revolutionary roles-based design.

Intuitive Interface

Sierra enhances the user experience with Web-style navigation, facets, and rich browse screens across staff workflows—increasing ease of use and decreasing training time.

eBook Support

Sierra offers comprehensive support for integrated eBook handling, including the user experience, circulation, and statistical tracking across the whole range of eBook providers.

Robust Statistics

Usage statistics are aggregated for internal and external operations, including eBooks and other types of electronic media.

Deployment Flexibility

Sierra is available in the cloud using a Software-as-a-Service model or as a traditional on-premise solution.

Mobile Worklists

Designed for staff use, a device-neutral, browser based web experience allows library operations to be moved into the stacks, on the bookmobile, and to off-site library events—without heavy bandwidth requirements.