Designed for both the initial tagging of your collection and day-to-day staff circulation tasks, our staff tools empower your staff to complete transactions as quickly, efficiently and conveniently as possible.​

Library Staff tools

Solution Features and Benefits

Process multiple items with RFID

With RFID, you can process multiple items of varying size, weight and thickness without the need open a single cover or locate a single barcode. This cuts down on processing time for routine loan activities.

Process security with EM

When Tattle-Tape® Security Strips are affixed to items, our resensitizers, desensitizers and bookcheck units will help ensure the security is properly turned on or off to be sure your library collection is not leaving the building without being properly checked out.users.

Multi-functional usage

These versatile units can be used as part of a tag programming station, during initial conversion, but then moved to staff desks to act a standard circulation tool

Convert barcode to RFID

We make the core conversion process from barcode to RFID as simple and fast as possible. Offering the quickest and easiest workflow, your library staff can simply scan the existing item barcode, apply a blank RFID tag and instantaneously program item information.

Integrate into leading ILS clients

Our RFID staff solutions can be integrated directly within III and SirsiDynix staff clients without the need to open a 3rd party screen on your computer.

Compliant with library standards

We help you determine the best data model for your library’s needs, either to support globally accepted standards, or make your RFID compatible with existing partner library networks.