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Providing Digital Solutions for Libraries, Knowledge Centers & Higher Education & More in the Arab world.

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About us Naseej

35 Years of Operations

Our History

  • Naseej Innovation Lab

    Naseej Innovation Lab

    In 2023 |  Naseej Innovation Lab was created to tackle the most pressing digital transformation challenges faced by organizations in our region, Specialized in (Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Internet of Things (IOT), Automations, Robotics, VR & Augmented Reality)

  • IPO


    In 2022| Naseej Made it’s first IPO (Initial Public Offering) in Nomu Parallel Market.

  • National Platform

    National Platform

    In 2020 | Naseej Developed The National Platform for Unified Academic Accreditation in Saudi Arabia

  • Mohammed bin Rashid Library

    Mohammed bin Rashid Library

    In 2019 | Naseej Developed Mohammed bin Rashid Library (one of the largest and most modern Arab libraries)

  • The Ministry of Interior e-Services

    The Ministry of Interior e-Services

    In 2018 | Naseej Developed The Ministry of Interior e-services program for the business sector in Saudi Arabia

  • Business Intelligence Platform

    Business Intelligence Platform

    In 2017 | Naseej Developed The largest Educational Business Intelligence platform in Saudi Arabia

  • Student Information System

    Student Information System

    In 2016 | Naseej Developed The largest student information system application in the Middle East

  • Cloud Learning Platform

    Cloud Learning Platform

    In 2014 | Naseej Developed The first fully-integrated Cloud Learning Platform

  • “Maiser e-Services”

    “Maiser e-Services”

    In 2012 | Maiser E-Services (A Service Developed by Naseej)  Became the Most visited e-services in Saudi Arabia

  • Biggest Learning Network

    Biggest Learning Network

    In 2007 | Naseej Developed The largest network of learning resource centers in Jordan

  • The largest Arab information service

    The largest Arab information service

    In 2005 | Naseej Created The Largest Arab Information Service – The Unified Arab Catalog

  • First ISP

    First ISP

    In 1999 | Naseej was The first internet service provider in Saudi Arabia

  • Arabic Email Portal

    Arabic Email Portal

    In 1997 | Naseej Developed The first Arabic Internet and e-mail portal

  • Information Network

    Information Network

    In 1993 | Naseej Became the First information network in the Mena Region

  • Foundation


    Naseej Foundation in 1989 in Saudi Arabia


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