Contribution to the Knowledge Community in the Arab World

As part of its efforts to contribute to the spread of knowledge and information throughout the Arab World, Naseej is honored to have had the opportunity to  actively participate in the development of the knowledge and information community in the region by assisting in the creation and ongoing support of professional bodies such as the Gulf Chapter of the Special Library Association (SLA), and the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information (AFLI), in addition to the ongoing sponsorship of many of their activities, whereby Naseej is a proud sponsor of the following events and activities:

Naseej Library Pioneers Award – This prestigious award is held annually in recognition of the outstanding efforts and dedication of individuals who – through their efforts and persistence have contributed to the advancements of the Arabic libraries and the library science in the Arab World. 
Naseej Best Paper in SLA and AFLI  – Annual awards aimed at encouraging research and development in the knowledge and information fields during the annual conferences include:
  • Naseej award ​​for best working paper in Arabic.
  • ​Naseej award for best working paper in English.

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