Knowledge Assets Management Solutions

At Naseej we tailor our solutions to meet the needs and demands of our partners. Our suite of solutions are designed to address the complete knowledge life cycle, and constitutes our integrated portfolio of knowledge assets management solutions, providing our customers with a comprehensive and practical approach to managing their knowledge assets.
Naseej is the largest and most experienced library solutions provider in the region with more than 220 libraries across the region running on Naseej’s library management solutions and services.
Naseej Library Management Solutions

Several museums and archives centers across the Middle East manage their collections efficiently through Naseej’s state of the art Museums and Archives Solutions.

Naseej’s Smart solutions and Robotics revolutionize libraries, transforming them into advanced hubs of learning. With automated book retrieval systems and AI-equipped robots, libraries offer efficient circulation and enhanced user experiences.
Naseej knowledge management solutions

Naseej’s knowledge management enablement framework merges sophistication with practicality to address the knowledge management needs of organizations in the region.

Naseej provides a comprehensive package of shelf-ready services, in accordance with the latest international standards for cataloging and technical processing.

An ever-increasing number of organizations that are seeking to provide their stakeholders with seamless access to vital information and content resources have chosen Naseej as their exclusive content and information solutions provider.

We offer a suite of consulting services, based on the typical needs of our community of customers. In addition, we offer tailored consulting.