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Libraries in the region recognize that technology alone is not enough for successful automation initiatives. They require a partner who understands their challenges and can provide the necessary resources, technologies, and processes.

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Gives you options and responds to your unique needs.


Certified with high levels of security


Built on microservices, we ensure that you can easily consume the APIs.


Can be integrated with countless applications whether inside or outside the organization


With Naseej Care we are delighted to help you make the most out of the library system


Fully translated interface and support for special handling of the Arabic language in search and retrieve.
Solutions that provide flexible and seamless support for various workflows, including check-in, cataloging, indexing, self-services, collections acquisition, and task management.
Naseej Books Supply and Acquisition
Naseej offers a centralized platform for users to access a variety of library resources, enabling convenient search, discovery, and access. It enhances the user experience by providing a seamless way to navigate and interact with library materials and services.
Naseej offers a centralized digital assets repository that empowers libraries to store, manage, and access digital assets efficiently. It provides robust search capabilities, seamless integration with library systems, and a user-friendly interface, all while prioritizing top-level security.
Naseej Digitization and Cataloging Solutions

Our Library Solutions

Naseej the region’s most trusted automation and library management solutions provider for many of the most prominent libraries in the Middle East managing library collections.

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Open, versatile, and scalable, SirsiDynix Symphony is a total solution for managing advanced and scalable services.

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Acknowledge is the reflection of our commitment to constantly improve the efficiency of electronic resources at the institutions.

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