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We collect cookies and analytical data to enhance the user experience on this website. This privacy policy statement may be updated from time to time…

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Privacy and Confidentiality of Information:
Our site puts the confidentiality of the information of users and visitors at the top of the priority list, and the site administration is making every effort to provide a high quality service to all beneficiaries. Visitors to the site and the beneficiaries of its services must constantly review the terms and principles of privacy and confidentiality of information to know any updates made on them, noting that the site management is not required to announce any updates to these terms and principles, and your use of the site means your familiarity with and agreement to these terms and principles and what is done on them Constant adjustments.
Security of personal information

The privacy and confidentiality of information document has been prepared to help visitors and users understand the nature of the data collected from them when visiting the site and how to deal with it.

The site administration takes the appropriate and appropriate procedures and measures to maintain the personal information it has in a secure manner that ensures its protection from loss, unauthorized access, misuse, or unauthorized modification and disclosure.

Collection of personal information

Once you visit a website, our server records your IP address, the date and time of your visit, and the URL of any website from which you are referred to us.

Most websites, as soon as they are visited, place a small file on the hard disk of the visitor’s device (browser), and this file is called “cookies.” Cookies are text files, which some of the sites you visit deposit on the hard disk of your device. These text files contain information that allows the site that deposited it to retrieve it when needed during the user’s next visit to the site.

The browser may not have to enter the password on each visit, as the site’s system will be able to discover it through cookies, and on this basis, our site will use the information contained in cookies for its own technical purposes when you visit it more than once, and the site can change the information existing within cookies or adding new information whenever you visit our site.

Like other websites, our website uses standard web servers and technologies to collect and record information about the use of our website. This log information may include the date and time of the visit, pages viewed and time spent on our site as well as other sites visited before and immediately after our site. And all of this information is collected in general and in aggregate, including all visitors, and none of this information is related to you personally as an individual.

How do we use the information we collect?
We use your personal information to provide you with the information or content you request, and in some cases to communicate with you about our programs, products, features or services that we offer, and if you no longer wish to receive such information from us, you can notify us through the “Contact Us” link. an email message.
We do not provide access to your personal information to any third party

To preserve your personal data, electronic storage and personal data transmitted are secured using appropriate security technologies. This website may contain links to websites or portals that may use methods to protect information and its privacy different from the methods we use. We are not responsible for the contents, methods, and privacy of these other sites, and we advise you to refer to the privacy notices of those other sites.

In the event of any inquiries or opinions about privacy principles, you can contact the site administration via the following e-mail: [email protected]

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