Evisions has been partnering with Higher Education institutions for over thirteen years. It has a deep understanding and appreciation for the pressures and challenges of running a College or University. It looks beyond the obvious to find the bigger solution – the one that tackles its clients’ most pressing needs, both now and well into the future.

Colleges and Universities around the world are facing increased financial, regulatory and academic program demands, forcing administrators to seek out new and creative ways to reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies and increase staff and faculty productivity.

Many Higher Education Institutions have turned to technology to help address these challenges. Whether automating and streamlining business processes, protecting students’ privacy rights or helping faculty and staff make better decisions, Evisions products and services are tailored toward the needs of Higher Education clients. Going beyond operational uses of technology, Evisions is on the forefront of advanced business analytics, helping Higher Education clients use information to develop and manage strategic plans to answer pressing questions such as:

* How can Higher Education Institutions cope with projected budget shortfalls while keeping tuition affordable?

* How will Academic Institutions hit our enrollment targets given increased competition for students?

* What can Academic Institutions do to minimize the impact for changes in state and alumni support?

* How will changes in student readiness for college impact the academic institution?