IGI Global

IGI Global is an international academic publisher founded in 1988. They focus on publishing the most advanced, peer-reviewed reference books and scholarly journals that span 11 core subject areas, including business, computer science, education, medicine and healthcare, science and engineering, social sciences, and more.

IGI Global e-Collections :

1. E-Book Collection:

This e-Collection provides access to IGI Global’s full collection of single and multi-volume reference books, handbooks of research, and encyclopedias, encompassing groundbreaking, peer-reviewed research from prominent experts worldwide. With no DRM and unlimited multi-user licensing (at no additional cost), the PDF and HTML e-books included in IGI Global e-Book Collection are ideal for academic and research-focused institutions.

2. E-Journal Collection:

Managed since 1988, this e-Collection option allows libraries to subscribe to IGI Global’s entire journal collection for the price of just a few single-title subscriptions. It features emerging research that has been accepted into prestigious indices, including Web of Science™ and Scopus®, and provides access to our full collection of OA journals at no additional charge.

3. E-Book and E-Journal Knowledge Solutions:

These are four discipline-focused e-book and e-journal collections that span major subject areas, including business and management, computer science and IT, education, and social sciences. Based on their coverage, they are ideal for institutions looking for comprehensive, cross-disciplinary coverage in specific content areas. Additional subject-specific e-Collections are also available.

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