Legamaster – the name for professional visual communication – has successfully established its place in the market with its vast range of highly practical, well thought-out products. By offering products, such as interactive boards, touch screens, whiteboards, flipcharts and rail systems, Legamaster creates an environment that will enable their clients to achieve success. For more than 50 years Legamaster has been actively adapting its range to the latest communication technology trends and developments. Ergonomics, durability, innovation, quality and pleasing functional design are locked within their vision. The Legamaster label is part of the internationally renowned edding group, the leading manufacturer of high-quality marking and writing instruments, practising and maintaining the philosophy of its parents company. It is a philosophy which ensures the high quality of all its products on the international stage, backed by local distribution and customer support. The success of this approach is clearly visible: the Legamaster name stands for an even wider selection of products and better service. All under the same roof.

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