Employees Benefits System

Naseej Employees Benefits Systems provides a platform for your organization that enables commercial entities and service providers to provide special offers to your staff, such as discounts, special rates, coupons, etc.

The platform enables commercial partner to create an account on its portal to manage offers, submit them for auditing, and gain approval from the concerned parties at your organization. With Naseej Employees Benefits Systems you can easily create a loyalty-building program that allows your staff to benefit from commercial offers.


Naseej Employees Benefits System supports all types of commercial offers and allows your organization to manage offers and agreements with service providers. Furthermore, the system enables both providers and employees to access offers and manage them through a dedicated online portal. Stakeholders can access the system on either an internal portal through your organization’s intranet, or an external portal via the internet.

  • Improve staff loyalty and HR stability.
  • Enhance employees’ performance and productivity.
  • Create a favorable work environment that attracts talent.
  • Strengthening the partnerships between the public and private sectors.
  • Supporting the private sector and the economy.​

Solution Features and Benefits

Loyalty Programs

The system features a loyalty program where organizations can access offers used by employees and apply a points program for distinguished staff


Online Sharing

Staff can assess commercial offers, share them with their colleagues and families, and take advantage of them directly through the system, using the evaluation and sharing tools


Online Payments

Easy integration with electronic payment channels allows for electronic payment and the purchase of products and services through the system



You can create system-generated coupons to be delivered directly to sales outlets of you commercial partners and service providers