Portals Implementation

Naseej provides Implementation Services for both information and electronic services portals, whether they are intended to serve beneficiaries within an agency (internal portal) or public beneficiaries from different segments and with different interests (internet portal). Naseej’s close attention to the design, technical and operational aspects of agencies’ portal interfaces ensures that they provide beneficiaries with effective content and e-services that cater to the needs of their target audiences, while also increasing the agency’s return on their investment in the portal platform.

We begin any portal implementation project by studying the agency’s general objectives, as well as their specific goals for the portal. We consider aspects such as appropriate design and structure, the updating and publishing/distribution of content, the range of e-services, and the portal’s accessibility, usability and navigability. In developing any portal, Naseej adheres to local and international standards, such as Yesser Government Service Bus and UN standards, in order to increase the portal’s efficiency and to be eligible to compete for local, regional and international awards.

Naseej’s portal implementation service covers typical elements such as agency information, services directory, multimedia galleries, an Open Data sub-portal and many other modules. Non-typical elements include electronic forms, portal integration with different systems for the provision of e-services, and other agency business modules.