Project Performance Monitoring

Designed to adapt to your organization’s processes, Naseej Projects Monitoring System a highly flexible and configurable project monitoring software allowing for complete monitoring of projects from execution to successful completion. Tailored feature sets for a wide array of project teams and project types, Naseej Project Monitoring System enables monitoring and management of projects within the scope of works and expenditures. Naseej Project Monitoring System was created for both project managers and anyone responsible for the management of the entire project portfolio in your organization.


  • Planning, supervision and coordination of resources and investments.
  • Monitoring of costs incurred during project implementation.
  • Providing reports on planned and implemented projects.
  • Accounts and audit of implemented projects.
  • Feedback to Estimation for tendering new projects.
  • Real-time and MAP display of project completion rate for each project.
  • Add main contractors, sub-contractors, and create image libraries for each project.
  • Detailed statistical reporting for each project.
  • View KPI’s, project progress, project expenses, project completion rate, and much more.

Solution Features and Benefits

Intuitive Dashboards

Monitor key performance indicators and vital signs of all your projects, over user friendly and intuitive dashboards

Map View for All Projects

Locate projects weather within a district or a city, or spread along multiple cities. With Map View you Pinpoint each project and display its key information and vital directly from the Map View


Real Time Alerts

Designed to keep all stakeholders informed in real-time of any major changes, issues, or milestones, thus enabling timely intervention when needed