Books Supply and Acquisition

Naseej’s online book acquisition service assists libraries with the acquisition of Arabic books. While English books are generally acquired in an automated fashion year-round, or are supplied directly by publishers or book suppliers, the process of acquiring Arabic books is characterized by being seasonal, as it is mostly restricted to book fairs. Consequently, the acquisition operation is intermittent, with only a limited period of time available for the selection of books.

Furthermore, some potential acquirers may not be able to be present and to participate. Because of the rushed nature of the acquisition process, inaccuracies of pricing and delivery are common. The lack of an automated system for the acquisition of Arabic books further hinders the ability of libraries to meet their requirements online, to track the status of shipments, or to integrate new acquisitions into the library’s bibliographic records.

Naseej supports libraries in acquiring Arabic books with ease

An Integrated System for Acquiring Arabic Media

After undertaking an in-depth study of the needs and requirements of Arab libraries and of publishers in the Arab region, Naseej has developed an integrated system for acquiring Arabic media which combines the technical aspects of building a collection of works in Arabic with the logistical requirements for introducing acquisition services and following them up accurately.

Continuous Book Acquisition Process

Naseej’s system will offer libraries a continuous book acquisition process throughout the year that will allow all interested staff, heads of departments, and librarians to participate in the acquisition process. In this way, there will be a significant increase in the acquisition of Arabic books, in addition to improved performance in the way that library documents are readied for shelving and cataloged in the bibliographic index.

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