Business Intelligence Services

Today, an enterprise success is tied to how good it is at making big decisions. However Enormous data is generated on a day to day basis from different sources. In order to keep up, your business processes must meet the demand for quick, usable, and reliable insights to make data-supported decisions Naseej provides Business Intelligence (BI) services to enable you to analyze current and historical data, predict future changes and support fast and effective decision-making regarding services provided by your organization to its audience.

Transform Data into Actionable Insights

Naseej implements BI projects using cutting-edge technological tools at all levels. In order to take full advantage of its functionality, we carry out well-structured process for the implementation including:

Data Refining

Building Data Repositories

Creating Objectives & KPIs

Analyzing The Results in Different Forms

Collecting Data From Different Sources

56% of organizations leveraging analytics like BI are experiencing faster and more effective decision making, and more than half 51% are realizing better financial performance.

Source: mckinsey digital

Features and Benefits

Increased Organizational efficiency

Naseej BI services is a continuous analysis of data and reports resulting from these analyses. Which is associated with objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) you want to achieve, so you can continually improve the efficiency of your services.

Intuitive Dashboards

Presentation of dashboards depending on the type of data analyzed, and on the KPIs measured. Data can be shown in the form of tables, graphs or heat-maps. Naseej has designed its dashboards for optimum usability and accessibility, via channels such as browsers and smart applications.

Data-driven business decisions

Get accurate data and faster reporting capability for better business decisions.

Adopting Naseej Business Intelligence Services