Naseej participates in the Libraries Innovation and Trends Exhibition & Conference 2019, in which Naseej will offer a wide range of solutions and services customized for libraries.

About the Conference

The conference brings together leading intellectuals and specialists in the field of libraries and information inside and outside Saudi Arabia, to discuss the latest innovations and trends in libraries. While tackling how libraries can meet the needs of their communities in the era of rapid technological developments.

General Information About the Conference

Location: King Salman International Convention Center, Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Date: 9 – 11 September 2019

Conference Topics:

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Naseej solutions at the Conference


It​ is a complete Digital Library software solution for interactive and intuitive viewing, browsing, searching, cataloging and sharing all types of digitized content such as video, images and audio clips, in addition to a solid content management system. which helps organizations utilize and re-use their content more effectively by leveraging past investments in content and re-purposing them for new audiences and markets.

Library solutions

Over 700 of the most prominent libraries in the Middle East, trusted Naseej as their automation and library management solutions provider.

Library Management Solutions

Naseej offered automation and library management solutions that served the most prominent libraries in the Middle East, managing library collections for national and public libraries, to museum libraries. These systems include SIERRA, a powerful, modern foundation on which to build the future of Academic and Research Library services and Symphony a total solution for managing advanced and scalable services offered by public, national and government libraries.  Learn more about Library Management Solutions.

Integrated RFID Solutions for Libraries

Naseej has invested in the design, development and implementation of a materials flow framework based on RFID technologies and self-service solutions. Learn more about RFID Solutions.

Electronic Databases

Naseej offers a wide variety of highly specialized electronic databases, serving libraries, research centers and companies in different sectors like engineering, medicine and general specialties. Through partnerships with world-renowned publishing houses, who provide comprehensive periodicals and e-books. To learn more about our Databases, click here.


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