Naseej Meeting Manager

Meetings are most useful when its actions and outcomes are effectively managed, from identifying the meeting’s time, date and location, to documenting meeting notes, minutes, and resulting actions and tasks, and following up on those actions tasks long after the meeting has ended; all the while keeping key stakeholders informed of the progress before, during, and after the meeting has ended, and its outcomes carried out effectively.

To help agencies effectively manage their meetings, Naseej developed a comprehensive Meeting Management System designed to streamline the meeting management process from before the meeting starts, to the effective conclusion of its desired outcomes and action items. ​

Naseej Meeting Manager enables end-to-end of all meeting-related processes, including sending meeting invitations to participants, setting meeting agendas, keeping attendance records, and taking meeting minutes, and much more.
  • Saves time via seamless preparation of meetings.
  • Setting meeting agendas and presenting key topics.
  • Coordinating meeting processes before, during and after meetings.
  • Ensuring effective participation in decision making.
  • Archives decisions for future reference.
  • Assigns tasks based on decisions, and follows up on implementation.
  • Reduces paperwork.
  • Streamlines communication among meeting attendees.
  • Provides statistics on meetings and attendees.

Solution Features and Benefits

Naseej Meeting manager enables the meeting manager to circulate a certain topic for voting, and to display and compare results


Instant Messaging
Naseej Meeting Manager enables meeting attendees to communicate via instant messages, using a built in instant messenger


Personal Notes
Naseej Meeting Manager provides a private space for meeting attendees to type in their own notes, comments, observations, etc.


Sending Tasks
Results and outputs of meeting can be assigned to different meeting members and stakeholders. Naseej Meeting Manager makes following up on action items seamless and easy