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Riyadh / The Arabian Advanced Systems (AAS) has successfully supplied and implemented an integrated information resources management system for the library of Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi Branch. The system is utilizing the Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID), that facilitates library management, tracking of books and protect them from loss and leakage. It also helps to manage inventory automatically and efficiently, allowing librarians and officials a full-time of providing effective assistance to faculty and students.
AAS also supplied the library with the latest specialized furniture system that being adopted by the world major university libraries. It provides an environment with a stylish design that reflects the beauty and simplicity of the furniture, helps smooth operation and management and also creates a comfortable and inspirational environment for library visitors to enjoy learning and studying.
The Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi is considered the only French-speaking higher education institution in the region, and the only Middle East branch of the prestigious Parisian University founded in 1253. It is excepted to attract not only students from the UAE, but also students from all over the Middle East and the world.
AAS solutions were chosen by Abu Dhabi Sorbonne University because of their advanced features of high efficiency, in addition to vast experience in library solutions that AAS acquired through more than twenty years of great achievements and successes as an Arab world leading company in the field of IT and knowledge management, beside the credibility and professionalism that characterized the company.

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