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Amman, Jordan, February 2012 – In its efforts to support Palestinian academic institutions, Naseej organized a workshop in cooperation with the Palestinian Libraries Association (PLA) under the theme ‘Electronic Databases and Library Management Systems and Devices‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎. The workshop, conducted between February 22nd-23rd in Amman, Jordan‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎s capital, covered mechanisms of advancing Palestinian libraries through up-to-date technologies and solutions.

Focusing on electronic information sources in various disciplines and fields of scientific research, the workshop discussed on the first day electronic information sources related to engineering, computer, agriculture, and medicine. On the second day, the workshop focused on Academic Portal System for Electronic Information Sources, Symphony® Integrated Library System (ILS), 3M RFID devices for securing library inventories.

During the workshop Naseej highlighted a number of electronic information resources for a group of international publishers, and reviewed library management and security systems based on the latest technologies and standards worldwide. The workshop was attended by a host of Naseej senior professionals and experts from Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt, who presented a range of library management and security systems, technologies and standards.

“This is the first time Naseej holds such workshop for PLA owing to difficulty of direct communication with brothers at Palestinian libraries. This workshop is the first step to get to grips with challenges facing PLA,” said Mr. Abdullah Al-Turaifi, Naseej Vice President “This move is the starting point for Naseej to transfer its expertise to Palestinian academia and provide the help and support to advance Palestinian academic libraries with financial challenges facing these universities and slowing down scientific research pace in mind.” Mr. Turaifi continued by saying that “ Naseej joined hands with international publishers to offer very special non-profit prices to help Palestinian universities drive scientific research progress forward”.
From his part Dr. Ibrahim Khedr, the workshop coordinator and director of Palestinian Technical University Library stated “This workshop was an ideal platform for participants to exchange expertise. It provided Palestinian libraries with a golden opportunity to enrich their experiences and knowledge”. Dr. Khedr stressed the importance of holding such workshops, and praised AAS that provided the best fees for subscriptions at the international databases in various science disciplines.

At the end of the workshop, Palestinian Assembly of Libraries and Information Centers (PALICO) awarded AAS representative, Eng. Hisham Darwish, the shield of honor in recognition of the company’s significant efforts in enriching information and library experiences of Palestinian libraries.

About Naseej
Naseej is the leading regional company in providing Knowledge solutions and services. AAS solutions and services cover libraries and information centers, knowledge management centers, portals and ECM solutions, BPM and eForms solutions in addition to web and mobile services.
Since its inception in 1989, Naseej demonstrated solid commitment to its objectives and achieved remarkable successes and innovations, helping the development of the information industry in the region. Today Naseej possesses in-depth expertise and knowledge in knowledge management & IT, accumulating from its long history of serious development and innovation and successful track record of achievements.

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