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Riyadh, KSA, May 2012: After the first agreement came up with great success, Naseej, the leading regional company in providing Knowledge solutions and services in the Middle East, announced that it concluded a 3 year agreement with the Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH) to develop and manage the content of MOH portal. Under this agreement, Naseej will manage, develop and publish content intended to describe MOH’s sectors and services to facilitate access to the required information.
Within the framework of the extension of the cooperation agreement with MOH, Naseej offers numerous services, such as the management and development of the content of portal’s both in Arabic and English, as well as enhancing communication and interaction with the portal’s users. Naseej will also, manage the portal’s work related to MOH, its directorates, departments, divisions and hospitals. It will describe the eServices in a manner that enables beneficiaries to have easy access to them.
Dr. Abdullah Al Wehaibi, The General Supervisor of Information and Communications Technologies at MOH’s, said, “One of the most important services that Naseej will provide MOH with is the Text-To-Speech (TTS) voice service to support audio browsing of the portal.  That is to be added to training the MOH’s employees on the management and the development of its content. Naseej will also bring into being innovative ideas seeking to continuously improve the portal’s content. This reflects Naseej professional ability to carry out the project”.
Eng. Rayan I. Al Fayez, Director of MOH portal & e-transaction department, said,  ” Ministry of Health (MOH) is one of the vital Ministries, as it presents services related to the citizens’ everyday life, namely, their health and well-being, therefore, we have been showing keen interest in continuous development of the portal by equipping it with the state-of-the-art technologies to enable beneficiaries to have easy access to services and the information they need”. 
“This is not the first cooperation between the MOH and Naseej. We renewed our confidence in Naseej through the extension of the agreement for 3 years, as the company has the ability to manage and develop the content of the governmental portals and websites in a professional and high quality manner that conforms to the global standards accredited by UN for governmental portals,” Al Fayez added.
Eng. Abdullah Al-Turaifi, Vice President of Naseej, said, “We are proud of the cooperation with the Saudi MOH. The Ministry’s decision to extend the contract for the development of the ministry’s e-portal for 3 years is considered testimony of the company’s success in managing content projects.  At the present, MOH portal offers tens of eServices.  Therefore, it is reckoned role model of the governmental portals. That’s why It was awarded several prizes. The most important services offered by the Ministry’s portal are the medical licensing, medical guides and a geographical information system that enables users to search for a health facility by the name or the geographical coordinates.
Also, MOH portal has seasonal services for citizens, residents and visitors in Ramadan and during Hajj season, as well as MOH staff related services such as updating of the employees’ data, among tens of other services”.

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