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Kuwait, June 2012, Kuwait oil Company (KOC), a member of 10 different Kuwait Oil Companies, sought to gather the K-Companies’ content, either as text files, digital files or web content, in one place and make it searchable. In addition, KOC wanted to restrict the access to some of the content to some users, though these companies had separate domain controllers which were not integrated with the KOC’s domain controller.
Accordingly, KOC selected Naseej – the region’s leader in Enterprise Portal Solutions and e-Services – to solve these challenges. Naseej has provided all the professional services for the implementation of this project and the software licenses comprising the solution, such as Autonomy IDOL server 7, Autonomy Retina web interface, Autonomy Virage, Autonomy SoftSound, SharePoint 2010 WebParts and the HTTP Fetch Connector, where the needed security trimming was provided.
Under the new system, users and staff will be able to access, search, view and retrieve all kinds of files that are located on various networks from different companies, including Arabic media files and web-based content; all on the fly fast and easy so that they can save time and effort. Also, each document, received and stored, will be indexed into the system, so that users can always find the related documents along with helpful suggestions.  The new system offers great enhanced services, where KOC will be able to use the system features and search capabilities to promote their content and publish it to all or certain users depending on the requirement.
Commenting on selecting Naseej for this project, Eng. Abduallah Al Turaifi – VP of Naseej – stated; “Kuwait Oil Company has selected Naseej for this project because of its proven ability to implement, manage and deliver this kind of enterprise solutions in search and discovery, utilizing world-class  HP Autonomy Solutions. None of the other competitors compared in value or capabilities.”

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