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Makkah, KSA, May 2012 – Naseej (Arabian Advanced Systems), the regional leader in knowledge management services, has signed a contract for implementing the project of developing the study programs electronically with the aim to raise the level of electronic & distance learning in Umm Al-Qura University.  It has been agreed that the contract will last for three year, including implementation, operation, and maintenance processes.
Dr. Bakri Bin M’atoog Bin Bakri Al-Assas, President of Umm Al Qura University,  signed the agreement with Eng. Abdullah Al-Turaifi – Vice President of Naseej, with the attendance of Dr. Essam Al Al ahidi, Vice President for the Academic Development and Community Service, and Dr. Nabil Koshk – Vice President for Business and Knowledge.
This project, aims to search for the best solutions for University’s needs regarding the e-learning, in conformity with the global standards. For this reason, the university has chosen Naseej, for its long experience in this field. It is one of the best solutions providers, supporting and developing the University’s e-learning experience.
Dr. Bakri Bin M’atoog, stated, “E-Learning Development project is expected to contribute to finding a modern and advanced learning approach in concordance with technical and informational development.  Also, it aims to build effective learning experiences based on the students’ contributions and achieve the desired learning outcome, as well as developing the 21st century skills and support the academic process across the university to be accomplished in developing, providing courses and programs electronically.
H.S. continued, “University E-learning Deanship aims to reach the highest quality in distance and e- learning, by providing study programs for the university students, in line with a modern vision that helps the students to have access to the learning sources to achieve the vision of the Ministry of Higher Education, and to upgrade the level of the teaching staff through training them on learning designing programs, and E-courses designing to be able to cope with  the latest technical programs and the best educational methods”.
The Vice President of Naseej, Eng. Abdullah Al-Turaifi, shed light on Desire 2 Learn platform and said “the learning platforms existing in the Saudi Market, Desire 2 Learn platform are characterized by its unity and integration. It includes the electronic test systems within its software which makes it more capable of responding to the ever changing requirements of the learning environment. Also, it means that administration and supervision performance has a high quality. And as opposed to the learning platforms existing in the Saudi Market, that lack unified platforms”.
Eng. Al-Turaifi concluded his announcement by saying, “this project is useful for the teaching staff and students of the university in addition to its employees (technicians and managers), as it includes e-courses production and development (100 courses in the first stage), preparing the technical infrastructure for training the teaching staff to develop the e-courses and e-curriculum, in addition to providing the consulting services for the university in the field of e-courses and e-curriculum development for those who benefit from the solutions and providing a professional team free to work inside the university for courses development and providing 3000 educational units over the contract period”.
It should be noted that this project is not the first form of cooperation between Naseej and Umm Al Qura University.  They had cooperated in the company’s early days (1989).  Naseej provided the university with facilities that enabled the university to access the electronic and academic content through subscription at e-information database. Since then, the cooperation has continued between them by the ongoing work with the academic library and information technology. And through our office located in Jeddah, and depending on our professional staff that supports us in our head office in Riyadh, we will be continued that the project of developing study programs electronically will be one of the successful projects whether as an implementation strategy for the project or in terms of achieving the investment return for the university.    
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