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Mecca, KSA, February 5, 2015
H.E. Dr. Abdulaziz bin Rashad Ali Srouji – Vice President for Academic Affairs at Umm Al-Qura University – hosted a joint meeting between Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Education presided by Dr. Abdulkhaliq Abdulsalam and Naseej delegation headed by Eng. Abdullah Al Turaifi – Naseej VP.

First, Naseej offered a presentation on its experience in e-Learning and the state-of-the-art projects it has implemented in the Middle East, including the Brightspace Integrated Learning Platform from D2L. In addition, participants were given a detailed perspective on Naseej’s strategic plans to enable academic institutions in the region to keep pace with the latest technologies and best practices worldwide.

This was followed by a brief demonstration on the projects Naseej has implemented at Umm Al-Qura University, including software, hardware, servers, manpower, technical support, training, as well as futuristic plans and suggestions to continuously enhance the development of the university’s e-Learning services.
After that, Dr. Abdulkhaliq – Dean of e-Learning and Distance Education – give an overview of the deanship arrangements to participate in the Fourth International Conference on e-learning to be held on March 2—5, 2015 in Riyadh; where the University is participating with three Research Papers.

“The Deanship”, he stated, “has contested for the Excellence Award for the “Best e-Course” in the field of Discourse and Composition, as well as “The Best Qualitative Training Program” “At the exhibition alongside the conference,” He added, “the Deanship is working on the necessary handouts, flyers, brochures and gifts. We plan to display a demo of our cutting-edge e-Courses too.” He also pointed out Naseej’s sponsorship to the Deanship’s booth at the conference.

At the end, Dr. Abdulaziz highlighted the historical role of Umm Al-Quran University to spread knowledge, stressing the importance to maintain this leadership among Saudi Universities. He also pinpointed the importance of securing a modern learning environment to boost students’ desire to learn, and encourage direct communication between campus leaders and faculty to promote using teaching and learning technologies through e-Learning Portals. In this regard, he suggested organizing a forum to introduce the deanships’ role, services and infrastructure. He concluded his speech by extending his sincere appreciation to H.E. Dr. Bakri bin M’atoog bin Bakri Al-Assas, President of Umm Al Qura University, for his unlimited support to the e-Learning sector and his commitment to the university’s leadership in the field.

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