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Riyadh, KSA, March 20, 2016
The Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authority (ECRA) has chosen Naseej to develop its online and external eServices Portal, in addition to an integrated Content Management System. The new portal will enhance ECRA’s communication with customers. To help analysts and researchers on electricity and water distillation, target audience will get updated information on both fields in a creatively interactive way. The portal will also boost staff productivity, ensure seamless distribution of tasks, control access authorities, and improve user experience.

Using Microsoft SharePoint and other cutting-edge technologies, Naseej has designed and developed ECAR’s Portal with its Arabic and English Interfaces to reflect ECAR’s growing projects across the Kingdom. Naseej developed the new portal based on the best practices, architectures, internationally recognized standards, and latest High-tech infrastructure, including in-house backup environment, hosting environment of five servers with load balancing and sustainability features. To ensure complete security of the portal content against unauthorized access, Naseej run “Penetration Test” on the new portal.

The new portal incorporates the latest Content Management System. ECRA’s various departments will be able to update and publish content directly on the portal. Staff can also add data, documents and multimedia files. Portal operators can review rules, regulations and documents to display only parts of interest to portal visitors and within ECRA’s jurisdiction. The portal interactively presents the National Register and Key Performance Indicators. Portal visitors will be able to search across documents to get the desired information faster and more effectively. Naseej also provides technical support, training and knowledge transfer to ensure smooth and hassle-free operation of the new portal.

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