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Riyadh, KSA, June, 2016
The GCC Library has chosen to implement the Digitization Solutions from Naseej – the Arab world’s leader in Knowledge Management Solutions. GCC library seeks to develop and activate an integrated information system to enrich the library’s multiple collections including books, journals and much more. The Library also aims to save time and effort for librarians, to reduce unnecessary visits to shelves, to cut down interlibrary loans requests, and to enhance accessibility to bibliographic records to ensure fast and effective access to their respective items.
To this project, Naseej has digitized the GCC Library’s collections, comprising 2000 titles – 600.000 pages, and more than 10.000 journal articles – some 50.000 pages. As an added value, Naseej converted the digitized items into PDF format based on the international standards as well as the best practices adopted by the Gulf Council Countries.
Naseej has also enriched the bibliographic records for books and articles (about 10,000 articles/titles), linked them to the item’s PDF file, and made available through the Library’s online portal. Thus, patrons will be able to access the Library’s online catalog and search for the required items seamlessly and effectively.

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