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?The Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA) has chosen Naseej – the Arab world’s leader in Knowledge Management Solutions – to develop its online external portal, using the state-of-the-art Enterprise Portal Solutions and e-Services to ensure effective accessibility to services by target audience and users. In line with MEWA’s key role in the Saudi economy, the new portal will support its ongoing efforts to provide users with a seamless access to information, data and services.
To this project, Naseej will design and develop MEWA’s online external portal in both Arabic and English, according to the World Wide Web Standard W3C, the UN Standards for Government Portals and Digital Content Management – mainly the UN Online Services Index (OSI) for 2018 – as well as the standards applicable by “Yesser” in the Kingdom.
On the other hand, Naseej will configure the Content Management and ePublishing Systems for various content types, including portal operation and management. The main portal comprises a number of specialized sub-portals for MEWA’s e-Services, while ensuring full compatibility with smart devices’ web browsers to enable users to access services anytime and anywhere. Naseej will also enhance and promote the new portal in the various search engines (SEO).
 Moreover, Naseej will host the existing environment, migrate the website in place and develop the e-Services Catalog. Naseej will also provide training and knowledge transfer to MEWA’s staff in a seamless manner as well as a precise time frame, in addition to the necessary technical support to ensure effortless operation of the portal and effective management of its content.

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