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Dear Visitor,
      Since its inception, more than 25 years ago, Naseej has always been guided by a clear vision of how it will serve its customers and society as a whole based on a fundamental and core value, and that is: To be a true partner for our customers and to provide them with outstanding support for the benefit of their organizations and their constituency. This solid commitment demonstrated by all of us at Naseej year after year enabled us to build a powerful brand that positioned Naseej as the premier Knowledge and information leader in the region. 
      Developing new product solutions for our customers has been a hallmark of the company since its early days, whereby Naseej has always worked on innovating IT solutions to address the needs and challenges of the information community in the region. This early foray into IT products and services served as the basis for creating an IT and Internet solutions unit in the company, which would eventually be known as “Naseej”.  
      Come 1997 and Naseej had officially created the “Naseej” brand, and launched its initial wave of services which was targeted to consumers in Saudi and the region, and in a relatively short period of time, would transform Naseej into one of the largest and most popular Internet service providers and Arabic web portals in the region. 
      Today Naseej is fortunate to operate, not one, but two strong and vibrant brands, however to further stream line our efforts and expand new and exciting industry sectors we have decided to use the “Naseej” brand to represent all the products and services of the company, while the official company name will remain (Arabian Advanced Systems).
      Furthermore I would like to take this opportunity and reaffirm our sincerest commitment to continue to serve our partners in the region to the best of our efforts and ability, and reiterate our promise to enable the sharing of knowledge and information in our part of the world, and to innovate solutions and services that supports the growth and abundance of knowledge and to actively support the prosperity of our peoples and countries. And thus we look forward to carry on our journey together via “Naseej”.
On behalf of all of us here at Naseej,
A. Abduljabbar 
Executive President, Naseej

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