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Isalni launches the code 623222 for Mobily customers and provides worldwide flights information service through SMS
Now, Mobily customers can request any information or ask any question to 623222 and get an immediate response via SMS, through the service – Isalni – which allows mobile phone users for search and query feature for any information of any kind, such as restaurants, hotels, real estate offers, cars, company directories, services and other vital information that can be obtained through mobile phone while on move and without need for any connection to the Internet.

Isalni service also allows the possibility of asking the so-called “open questions” such as the meaning of names, Arabic and foreign terms, general knowledge questions about the famous landmarks or historic events, latest news and match results, latest commodity and currencies rates and others.
Isalni is planning to show its latest service at GITEX Riyadh during the period 19 – 23 April 2009, which is the flight information service- pilot version “beta”, which allows the user to query on local and international flight (to and from the Kingdom) and around the world mainly through direct SMS, the service is the first of its kind in the region.

The service of Isalni has launched its pilot version in Ramadan 1429 H- and received until now more than a million questions covering a myriad of diverse information, which was answered by intelligent databases, supported by information specialist team to ensure the accuracy and appropriate of information that made available round-the-clock seven days a week, round- the- year.

The service features are differ from traditional search engines, it brings the final information to user in the way he wishes to receive, unlike traditional search engines that provide the user multiple links to different sites and have him extract the final information by himself, which is not possible when the user is in case of movement, as commented by Engineer / Othman Al-Abdul-Karim – Director of Operations in Naseej, which implementing the service development. “When a user is on mobile, he does not have the desire to waste time searching the Internet for information because it is useless to get 100 thousands search results” Al-Abdul-Karim said.

He added ” Isalni service brings you the required information directly, in addition to containing of specialized information data fed regularly and cover a variety of information such as restaurants, hotels, business presentations, meanings of names, glossaries, dictionaries, instant translation, and other. Mobily customers can direct questions or requests in any form through a short message “SMS” to number 623222, and for STC customers to number 823222. Search for the correct answer and respond will not take more than few minutes.

For more information, send the word ( musa’adah)”help” to any of the code numbers of service, or visit the Web site of the service on the Internet for additional information.

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