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Riyadh, KSA, 2012.  King Abdul-Aziz has – in collaboration with Naseej, the Arab World’s leader in Portal ad eServices Solutions, developed it external portal to offer more interactive and patron-oriented eServices; thus enhancing the Foundation’s role towards achieving its objectives.

In this regard, Naseej has designed and developed the Foundation’s Portal with its Arabic and English Interfaces. In addition to the portal registration system of patrons. Naseej has also added more interactive services including frequently asked Questions Guide, Surveys, Mailing List, Communication Forms.. etc. As well, Naseej has configured the portal e-document Management System and the e-Store to market the available books and magazines on the portal. Naseej has also built up the portal to operate on smart phones (iOS) and (Android). Moreover, Naseej has supplied the necessary hardware for the operating environment and the required permits; besides providing Managed Hosting Services for the external portal, maintenance and technical support for one full year.

King Abdul-Aziz Foundation aims at facilitating access to its database of historical manuscripts on Saudi Arabia history, and the Islamic manuscripts owned by patrons of both internal and external portals. This will also help e-interaction with the Foundation to renovate the patron-owned manuscripts.

It’s worth noting that Naseej used SharePoint technology to develop and upgrade the Foundation’s Portal, for the Content management, e-publishing and for designing the portal components; since SharePoint is considered one of the best systems in the field of Portal Solutions and technical environment integration; in addition to supplying the necessary infrastructure needed to enable the Foundation provide its eServices in the future.

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