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The Naseej Company held Friday February 26th its annual party.
Engineer Abdul-Jabbar Al-Abdul-Jabbar, Naseej President, and Engineer Abdullah Al-Terifi, the Vice-President, attended the ceremony with participation of Naseej staff at Riyadh Head office, its branches in Saudi Arabia and abroad, and staff coming from most Arab countries.
During the ceremony, distinct branches and employees who spent ten years in service of the company where honored, in addition to outstanding employees in the company.

In his speech at the ceremony, The President praised the successes achieved by the company, and the outstanding contributions made in the development of information services in the Arab world, and the importance role of this contribution in development of Arab societies particularly in research, education, management and dissemination of information and knowledge.

He praised also the efforts of staff and workers in these achievements saying that successes were not able to be achieved without the excellence work environment and a strong sense of loyalty of Naseej family members.
Engineer Abdullah Al-Terifi, the Vice-President also praised the employees and reviewed the successes which achieved last year.
At the end of the ceremony, AAS President presented gifts, commemorative trophies, and recognition certificates discretion to honored employees, who expressed their happiness with this honor, and twentieth anniversary of the company, the family work atmosphere, and care provided to them by management of the company

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