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Abha, KSA, January 28-30, 2014 The 1st Saudi Scientific Publishing Conference (SSPC-KKU), held at Gryger Complex, Deanship of Scientific Research, King Khalid University, Abha, KSA, on 28-30 January 2014, under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Khalid, the governor of ‘Asir province – successfully concluded its events, where Naseej – the Arab World’s leader in Knowledge Management Solutions – discussed the future of scientific publishing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The conference covered a set of vital domains, such as the current situation of scientific publishing in Saudi Arabia, Ethics of scientific publishing, Electronic scientific publishing, Scientific publishing in Legal Sciences and Islamic Studies, Scientific publishing in Human sciences, Scientific publishing in educational sciences, Scientific Publishing in Natural and Applied Sciences and Scientific Publishing in Health Sciences.
The conference put high on its agenda several key objectives, including: evaluating the current situation of scientific publishing in Saudi Arabia and its related challenges. Also, special focus was given to setting an effective mechanism to ensure full utilization of modern technology in scientific publishing; while maintaining objectivity, authenticity and reliability. In the same vein, the conference elaborated on devising a process for an integrated use of human and material resources among various research centers across the Kingdom. Hence, techniques for complete use of recommendations and results from published researches in applied fields were pinpointed. Moreover, the conference planned to establish a set of general goals that determine the direction of scientific publishing in different fields.
At the end of the conference, Naseej was honored by H.R.H. Prince Faisal bin Khalid and received the Silver Sponsor Trophy presented by King Khalid University, in recognition of Naseej’s effective contribution in the exhibition organized alongside the conference, as well as its sustainable services to the academic, research and scientific publishing institutions in the Kingdom.
From his part, Eng. Abdullah Al Turaifi – Naseej VP – stated, “The 1st Saudi Scientific Publishing Conference has marked a quality transformational leap in utilizing modern technology advancements for the benefit of higher education and scientific research. The conference incorporated professional workshops and an exhibition, where Naseej showcased its cutting edge solutions to help higher education institutions, research centers and scientific publishing stakeholders leverage their potentials to benefit the academic community in the Kingdom.”

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