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Naseej has participated in the First Health Informatics Forum organized by the Saudi Association for Health Informatics at Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Center for Science and Technology in Al-Khubar, during the period from March 31 to April 1/2009 as the Silver Sponsor for the Forum.

A number of local and global scientific and health institutions, bodies, academics, specialists, doctors and interested in the field of health informatics also participated in the forum.

The participation of Naseej in the event is an extension of its contributions in promotion of information technology at the level of the Arab world and activation of its applications at all levels. This comes within the framework of highlighting the importance of documenting and spreading of health information to beneficiaries, and participates with professionals in information centers to develop suitable solutions to provide better services to researchers in the field of health information, as well as research on how to collect, store, retrieve, analyze and manage of information in different areas of health.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sayyed Nawab Jan, Naseej Regional Director for the eastern region, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the sponsors of the conference, pointing out that the health informatics science is using the latest methods of information technology based on developed applications to provide a timely health information, find appropriate solutions to make the right decisions and provide high quality information to improve health services in KSA to the highest levels.

Mr. Jan said: “Naseej Company has developed strategic alliances with major international companies specialized in health informatics which will enable researchers and interested to access to reference and periodicals according to latest global scientific methods and techniques, and Naseej is keen to present its experience in the field of health informatics domains, at the same time to create networking opportunities with those concerned in the field of health informatics.”
The Naseej was honored by the Forum and received the Silver Sponsor Trophy presented by the Saudi Association for Health Informatics to Mr. Jan on behalf of the company.

It is noteworthy that Naseej is providing advanced knowledge and information services to the medical community in the Arab region since 1989, and has contributed, through a series of projects in this unique sector, to support obtaining of documented medical information easily and smoothly. Naseej also provides a sophisticated range of electronic sources that deal with Evidence-Based Medicine, as well as a wide range of electronic books and specialized magazines.

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