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His Highness Prince Dr. Bandar bin Abdullah Al Mishari Al Saud, Director General of National Information Center, patronized last evening the first ceremony for honoring of content supervisors of the Ministry of Interiors sectors functioning on its portal on the The ceremony was sponsored in cooperation with Arabian Advanced Systems Co. (Naseej) at Makarim hall of Riyadh Marriott Hotel.

Sectors Support Project Manager, Ali Al-Sayari, expressed his thanks and appreciation to Director General of the Center for the support and encouragement that content received, adding that the project had faced many challenges and obstacles which have been addressed step by step to sustain the desire of obtaining a quality and quantity of valuable e-content.
Al-Sayari added that the selection of distinct sectors this year came in accordance with pre identified criteria to insure justice and equality between all employees, and future constructive and fruitful interaction and communication.

For his part, the Director of e-services program, supervisor of the ministry’s Website, Anwar Abdullah Banjar, has demonstrated a visible presentation on the portal and the interrelationship between its e-content and e-services that offered by the Ministry of the Interior, stressing that the portal ranking amongst world websites shows a clear progress and indications of firm steps taken by the whole project. He expressed his appreciation to all those who contributed to enrichment of the content during the trial operational period of the website.

Engineer Abduljabbar Alabduljabbar, Executive Director of Arabian Advanced Systems Co. said that honoring the distinct sectors of the ministry, and distinguished editors in content management is an element to achieving fair competition between sectors and encouraging them to continual updating and development of their efforts to keep pace with the development of other sectors of the ministry in their respective fields. He expressed his delight in collaboration with the Center to holding of such events in future as a practice of appreciation to those who work hard to achieve all our aspirations of excellence and development of e-content.

At the end of the ceremony, His Highness Prince Dr. Bandar presented the Excellence trophies to distinct editors and sectors, where trophy of excellence for sectors received by Civil Defense, Ministry Bureau and the Civil Affairs sectors, while trophy of excellence for e-editing received by Abdulla Ali Badrani of the National Information Center, Mohamed Almbereik of Civil Affairs, Abdulaziz Al-Khathlan of the Ministrys Bureau, Hassan Al-Zahrani of the General Intelligence, and Ahmed Al-Hrais of Civil Defense sector.

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