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Riyadh, KSA, July 2016
The Saudi Ministry of Education has completed the first phase of “JAMEAH” system in collaboration with Naseej – the Arab world’s leader in Knowledge Management Solutions. The Ministry aims to develop a unified academic database and connect all the universities across KSA through the Government Secure Network (GSN). The new database will be updated automatically and in real-time. The Ministry also seeks to develop a number of e-Services incorporated in the Government Service Bus (GSB) via a strategic partnership with the e-Government Program (YESSER) to serve universities as well as other government agencies.

“JAMEAH” is a cloud-based system designed to offer integrated electronic services to support Saudi higher education institutions, students, staff and faculty; in addition to other campus departments. The new system combines a nation-wide database of Saudi higher education institutions covering the information needs for required services. “JAMEAH” connects tertiary institutions across KSA with each other, as well as with the Ministry of Education. The system also connects the tertiary education sector with other government agencies, including building the right virtual infrastructure.

At the first phase, Naseej gathered, analyzed and classified students’ data. This was followed by developing the Master System that contains students’ information. After that, Naseej developed the Agent System, and applied it in five universities across KSA (King Khalid University, King Faisal University, King Abdul Aziz University, the University of Dammam, Umm Al Qura University). In that way, students’ data have been grouped, migrated and synchronized. Then, Naseej provided these universities with business process prerequisites to ensure their preparedness for operation.

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