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Bahrain, May 17, 2016

University College of Bahrain (UCB)  a leading non-profit higher education institution in Bahrain – has launched the Brightspace Learning Management paltform to provide its students, faculty and staff with world’s cutting-edge eLearning solution. UCB offers locally, regionally and internationally accredited academic programs to enable its students to obtain their degrees using the latest technologies and courses, based on the best practices to be future leaders in their fields.

Brightspace offers UCB an integrated eLearning Solution to manage teaching and learning. Brightspace combines instructional experience, creative tools, the best accessibility practices, effective assessment options, standard technology, as well as social learning and collaboration in one integrated and scalable platform. Designed to be consistent with various academic programs, Brighspace allows UCB to choose its custom style with no restrictions. Brightspace also allows UCB to design its own architecture to deduce and manage multiple reports and stats that will help the University to enhance education as a whole, and boost up its outcomes to achieve the institution’s goals.

The University College of Bahrain has signed a partnership agreement with Naseej, the leading provider of eLearning Solutions in the Middle East, to get the required license of Brightspace eLearning Platform for UCB’s students, faculty and staff.

From his part, Sheikh Abdulla K. Al-Khalifa, UCB’s Executive Director – Technology & Innovation, stated, “In line with the university’s vision of graduating highly skilled and knowledgeable students required to succeed in today’s world, and in line with Kingdom of Bahrain’s vision of becoming a hub for quality education, the university has chosen D2L’s Brightspace in achieving its goals. Students will now be more aware and connected to their instructors, and will be able to learn and connect with other students, working on projects over the internet. We are happy in seeing our students learn new skills and use new tools in advancing their learning.”

Hisham Wassouf,  Naseej Regional Manager, Eastern Region KSA, Bahrain, Qatar, confirmed; “We are excited about our partnership with the University College of Bahrain Brightspace Platform from D2L, which will provide a unified digital experience for UCB’s students and faculty. In line with UCB’s strategy to help students, staff and faculty improve education and enhance learning outcomes, as well as the Kingdom of Bahrain’s 2030 vision to develop higher education, UCB takes the lead in the Kingdom and the region by implementing this cutting-edge integrated learning platform. In conjunction with D2L, Naseej will provide UCB with required technical and localized support 24/7, in addition to the professional training for UCB staff to operate and customize the new system.”

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